Spinach Ricotta Chicken Bombs


Ricotta is a soft Italian curd cheese made from whey, which is drained and then lightly ‘cooked’. It is light and creamy with a slightly grainy texture and delicate flavour. The best quality ,it’s quite low in fat.So,lets get started with the recipe.

This recipe will make 4 servings.

Preparation time:20 min

Cooking Time:20 min


Chicken Breast(skinless) – 4

Baby Spinach – 250 gms

Ricotta  4 tablespoons

Lemon juice – 1 lemon full

Sunflower Oil to fry

Fresh Breadcrumbs  -1 cup

Eggs -2

All purpose refine flour  -1/4 cup

Mixed Herbs(thyme,sage,basil,rosemary,oregano)  for seasoning


Crushed Black Pepper

Salt to taste


Blanch the spinach  for 2 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and chop them.Beat in the ricotta, lemon juice,salt and plenty of seasoning.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt and crushed black pepper on the chicken breasts.Make few slits into the sides of each chicken breast and use your fingers to make a little pocket. Spoon the mixture into the 4 breasts.

Add seasoning and parsley to the breadcrumbs and keep them aside with All-purpose flour.In a small bowl,beat an egg.Coat the chicken with all-purpose flour ,dip in the egg batter and then cover it with seasoned bread-crumbs. Repeat the process for all the 4 chicken breasts.

When the oil is hot,place the chickens and deep fry them.Once they are golden yellow,remove from oil and place them in a kitchen towel to drain excess oil.

Garnish them and serve hot with your favourite dips.



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