Mango Mania

mango mania2
Mango Mania

Slurrpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!Its mango season again.As the temperature is increasing,there’s a thirst for healthy and tasty smoothies to keep us coooooooool. What else can be in the menu other than the yummy mango.I wait for the mango season like crazy.Mangoes are the best when I count for fruits.We can have them in any forms- tangy dips,mango jellies,mango smoothies,mango juices,mango pickles,mango ice-creams,mango bars or just mango slices.

Here I am sharing my super quick and healthy recipe to start your day.

Preparation Time:5 minutes


1 ready to eat Mango

2 cups milk

1/2 cup fresh yoghurt

1/2 tsp honey

1/2 cup whipped cream (optional,to decorate)

Mint leaf to garnish

Ice cubes(optional)

As mango itself is sweet,I didn’t add sugar.I had added 1/2 teaspoon of honey which is completely optional.


Peel the mangoes and cut them into cubes.In a mixer jar,add in the mango cubes,yoghurt and honey.Blend them to a smooth consistency.Pour it in a serving glass,top with fresh cream and mint leaf.You can add few ice cubes to chill your drink.

Its super healthy,duper tasty and makes your tummy go full.You can enjoy them any time,with and without meal.

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  1. pmanaswi says:

    Congratulations!Lovely recipe n photography…keep going


    1. Thank u sooooo much Varsha di….Ur reviews mean alot….u r an inspiration….


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