Fried Ice cream

fried icecreamsice cream cread

Fried ice cream is an amazing conflict in the world of desserts.Crispy  warm shell with a smooth chilling ice cream within.I loved this way of eating ice-creams.

Let me share my way of making these easy eggless fried ice-cream balls.


2 scoops Vanilla ice-cream
2 slices of wholemeal bread
1 tsp Cinnamon powder
Oil to fry
Chocolate syrup to decorate

Take 2 scoops of ice-creams and keep it separately in a bowl.Refrigerate them for a couple of hours until firm.
Take 2 slices of bread and roll them to a thin slice using a rolling pin.Sprinkle cinnamon powder along the bread for flavour.Its optional.
In a deep pan,heat the oil.
Take one slice of bread and place 1 scoop of ice-cream ball.Cover the ice-cream from all the ends making a round shape.Similarly,do the same for all the slices.Keep the breaded ice-cream balls in freezer for couple of hours to get firm.When the oil is very hot,place the breaded ice-cream balls and fry them for a couple of minutes.Keep turning them slowly to get them fried from all sides.We don’t need to fry much.
Remove from oil and drain off the excess in a paper tissue.
Place them in the serving dish and top it with chocolate syrup.

Note:You can choose our favourite ice-cream flavours and toppings to decorate.



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