Fruity Lollies

fruit lolli

When the heat is scorching and you don’t feel like eating anything,fruit lollies find their ways. A worry-free lolly packed with goodness.Almost everyone, be it a kid or an adult gets to enjoy this flavoured,healthy and tasty lollies.Made with no added sugars,no added preservatives and no added colourant,its a full proof healthy dose to beat this summer.When you have kids who hate eating healthy fruits,this is the best way to make them indulge.

Let me share this healthy and super easy recipe with goodness of fruits.All we need for this recipe is the popsicle moulds and fresh fruits.

Preparation time:5 minutes

Freezing time:7-8 hours

Servings:6 lollies


4 cups or approx 1/2 Water melon (chopped and de seeded)
3 oranges (de seeded
2 kiwi  (sliced)


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In a mixer jar,add in water-melon and orange and blend till there are no pulps.In a popsicle mould,add the sliced kiwi along the wall sides.Pour in the melon and orange juice in the popsicle mould.Add in few orange pulps on the top and cover the lid.Place these moulds in the stand and put them in the freezer for 7-8 hours.

Do share your lollies with me.



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