Nimki / Namakpaare/Diamond cut Salted Biscuits


Nimki or namakpaare are the most commonly made savoury snack in India.People enjoy them with their evening tea.Easy to store,they are the best when it comes to travelling.You can munch these salted and crispy snack in any-time of your day.

Preparation Time:15 minutes

Frying Time:20-25 minutes



1 cup All purpose flour
1 tbsp oil (for kneading)
1 tsp Mangrella (Nigella seeds)
1 tsp Ajwain (carom seeds)
1/4 cup water (or less)
1 tsp salt(or as per your taste)
Oil for frying


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In a bowl,add all purpose flour,salt,mangrella(nigella seeds),ajwain(carom seeds) and oil.Knead them slowly.Keep kneading till the flour starts to accumulate.Now add little water and knead.Knead knead and knead.We need to knead a stiff dough.The stiffer the dough,the crispier is the snack.
Once the dough is kneaded well,cover it with a damp cloth and set aside for 10-15 minutes.
In a deep pan,heat oil on a high heat.Take the dough and knead it again.Roll the dough using a rolling pin to a very thin round sheet(about 1/2 inch).
Using a knife make criss- cross lines(first vertical lines and then horizontal lines) on the rolled dough sheet.This will make diamond cut on the rolled sheet.Scrap the diamond cut thins and slowly put them in the hot oil.Now put the heat on medium-low.
Frying at medium-low will cook them properly and make them very crispier.( If you fry them at high,they would certainly get brown but won’t get cooked from inside.And above all you would also not get crispy nimkis.)
Keep turning them with a slotted spoon to fry evenly from sides.Once the colour has turned golden,remove from pan and place them on a kitchen towel to drain excess oil.
Let them cool for an hour before storing them.Store in an airtight container for weeks.

You can make these nimkis by adding semolina and whole wheat flour as well.

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