Apple Orange juice


BOGO (Buy one get one) is the term that we all die to hear whenever it comes to pizzas, clothing or our favourite stuffs. Why not try this for a good cause then? Here is a simple recipe to give you a double benefit both in terms of taste and health. A simple orange juice or an apple juice has become a bit kind of boring but what if we mix them both? A unique combination of tantalizing freshness and healthy juice will give an energetic kick everytime you have.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Serving: 2 glasses


1 Red apple

3 oranges

1 tsp Rock salt/ Sendha namak



Peel off the apple’s skin and de-seed them. Roughly chop the apples. Similarly, peel off the skin of the oranges and remove the seeds.

In a mixer grinder, add the chopped apples and orange pieces and grind them.  In a vessel, strain all the pulp to take out all the juices. Discard the leftover fibers.

3 oranges gives you sufficient juice and eliminates the need to add additional water. In case you feel the pulp is not smooth, add ½ cup of water.

Finally, add the rock salt and give a nice stir.

Pour them into glasses and indulge into a heavenly healthy drink and kick start your day.

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