Aamla dhania chutney/ Gooseberry Cilantro dip

aamla chutneyIn my previous recipe post, I have already shared the medical benefits of gooseberry or the aamla. In this post, I take an opportunity to add some light on the benefits of coriander or cilantro ( as known in European countries). Cold chills and smogs can be experienced in many parts of the globe. It is important to add health to our meals so as to stay strong. Cilantro or coriander is a very popular herb and can be easily found in most countries. Apart from unlimited culinary applications, coriander has immense benefits and healing properties. It protects against oxidative stress, lowers anxiety, improves sleep and improves blood sugar levels. It also protects against cardiovascular disease and urinary tract infections. It prevents food poisoning, neurological inflammations, colon cancer and supports healthy menstruation. It comes as a complete solution package for all your problems.

When you get to know so many advantages, you would definitely make use of it.  This extremely easy and no fuss recipe will make a tangy, super delicious dip or chutney that will go well with any meal. Addition of gooseberries or aamla, makes it extremely healthy and tasty.

Preparation Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: not required 

Serving: 6


2-3  gooseberries or Aamla

2 cups of chopped coriander leaves (washed properly)

Salt to taste

1/2 chopped tomato

1 green chilli


Wash the coriander leaves properly and chop them. Similarly, wash the gooseberries or aamla, deseed them and chop them. In a mixer grinder, add chopped coriander leaves, chopped gooseberries/ aamla, green chilli, tomato and salt and grind them to a fine paste.

I added tomatoes to increase the quantity of the chutney. Its completely optional.

Make this chutney/dip a part  of all your meals and relish them. I am sure everyone in the house is going to love and you would have to run again to make more.


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