Wood Apple juice/ Bael Sherbet

wood apple

The Wood Apples or Bael (as called in Hindi) is an extremely excellent cooler for Indian summers. Besides amazing taste, it has multiple health benefits. Its medicinal values will force you to have a sip immediately. It is the best when it comes to curing stomach disorders, diabetes, impurities and fungal infections. The ‘Feronia gum’, in the trunk and branches of the wood apple tree,manages the flow, secretion, and balance of sugars in the bloodstream and prevents the spikes and plunges that can be dangerous to diabetics. It is a perfect liver health booster. The most amazing info about these wood apples is that it is often used in curing snake bites.

Preparation Time: 5 min

Refrigeration: 1 hour (optional)

Serving: 4-5 glasses


1 piece wood apple or bael

1/2 -1 cup sugar (as per taste)



The juice is very easy to make. Just remove the hard shell (break it using a rolling pin or a hammer) in a single hand. Hitting multiple times can damage the internal pulp. Scoop out all the pulp from the shell in a big bowl. Add 1 litre of water to it. Keep this mixture  in the refrigerator (coz I love it chilled). After an hour, take out from the refrigerator. When the pulp becomes soft, mash it thoroughly (using your washed hands or hand whisk). Strain the mixture and take the pulp to use. Add sugar as per your taste and mix the solution well.

Serve fresh with or without ice. With passing days, the colour and taste of the juice gets changed. The fresher, the tastier. Enjoy your drink and get relaxed.

Happy Summers!!

bael juice


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