Stuffed Braided Bread

Post the sunflower bread, I received many requests for making a bread with a veg filling. So, I got an opportunity to bake this braided bread with veg stuffing. A much simple and easy to make bread with a mixed filling of cottage cheese (paneer), spinach and cheese. I have added spinach to make it…

Sunflower Pizza

Breads come in varied looks and tastes. It is impossible to get every kind of bread near you. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t try them out. Read out my recipes and bake them at home. The recipe and process is as simple as it looks. The look of the sunflower is so amazing that…

Cheesy Discs

What to cook when you have sudden guests at home and you wanna show off your skills? This is a big question that comes to almost everyone’s mind and then there is a huge panic. We start to check our cupboards, refrigerators moving our eyes from one corner to another in search of an idea….

Eggless Choco lava cake

A lot of people have been requesting to share the lava cake recipe. So finally the wait is over and here I share my easy and eggless recipe of Chocolate lava cake. Earlier, while going through recipes by many foodies, I found many of them using All purpose flour and cocoa’s ratio to be 2:1….