Chocolate cupcakes with ganache frosting

Today,I was craving badly for chocolates.Then I thought, why not do some baking with them.So,here comes a luxurious dark chocolate ganache cupcakes.They are  very rich and moist and easy to make. Ganache is basically made by beating heavy cream and dark chocolate in a particular ratio.They are then either filled or glazed over the cakes….

Custard cupcakes with cheerios toppings and buttercream frosting

Cupcakes are heavenly delights loved by everyone.I simply look for excuses to bake and eat them.And if you have never baked them before,here is a simple recipe to help you out. This is a recipe for making 6 eggless cupcakes. Yummmyyyyy. Lets get started. Ingredients All purpose flour -1 cup Sugar – 1/2 cup Baking…