Tomato chilly and garlic ketchup

There are times when you feel like making your own combinations as per your taste. Whenever I had savoury snacks like samosa, chaats or crisps, I yearned for a tomato ketchup that had more chilly garlic flavour in it, but I failed to get that in a ready made bottle. This is when my mom…

Eggless Choco lava cake

A lot of people have been requesting to share the lava cake recipe. So finally the wait is over and here I share my easy and eggless recipe of Chocolate lava cake. Earlier, while going through recipes by many foodies, I found many of them using All purpose flour and cocoa’s ratio to be 2:1….

Garlic Bread sticks

  Garlic breads are the easiest snacks to stop your cravings. I loved the way Dominoes prepared their garlic bread sticks.  Being in Ireland, I missed these bread sticks alot as the Dominoes here didn’t prepare such bread sticks. Then, I thought, why to wait for a trip to India, lets prepare them here itself….

Mutton ghee roast

Mutton ghee roast is a delicious Mangalorean recipe. This goes well with chapattis, rotis, naans, any Indian bread, steamed rice and even dosas. One can find them easily strolling in the local markets of Mangalore and South India. The mutton is well cooked in ghee or clarified butter that gives a beautiful aroma as well….

Tamatar chutney / Sweet Tomato dip

If you are looking for something hot, sweet and tangy, this is for you. An amazing combination that goes perfect with all snacks. A very easy to cook dip that gets ready in minutes. I remember, when I was a small kid, I would eat dozens of pooris with this chutney. I enjoy this chutney…

Sattu satrangi – Roasted gram flour savoury juice

Sattu is toasted gram flour used extensively in many parts of India.It is a nutritious indigenous drink and has cooling effect on the body as well. It is widely used in many sweet and savoury dishes. Sattu is also known as “Desi Horlicks” in the state of Bihar. Being from Bihar,I have been drinking this…

Steamed Chicken Dimsums

  Momos or the dimsums are steamed buns with or without fillings.The fillings can be anything of your choice.It is prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat, vegetables, tofu,cottage cheese, vegetable and meat combinations.Personally,I love its chicken combination the most.The best part of momos is that you can have them personalised,steamed or fried or tandoori momos…